What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

We all have those moments where we’ve been fighting endlessly for something and it seems like what we are working towards is never going to happen. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to start or maintain your own business, this feeling can come frequently. If you are someone who is struggling with your mental health, you also know about this feeling. Whether you keep falling into a pile of rejections or getting out of bed is harder today than it was two days ago, we understand how giving up can seem like an easier transition than continuing with what it looks like a never-ending struggle.

The most cliche thing to do would be to preach about how the struggle can be useful for you (and it can be) and how it makes you the person you are today. Being in that moment when you are ready to give up is a rough feeling. At that moment, you feel like you have done everything you should have done. You’ve exhausted all resources, or you’ve tried your hardest to stay strong. If you had a dollar for every rough patch or inconvenience you went through you, you’d probably have a significant amount of money. The most ironic thing about this is that giving up is harder than we all think. That is most likely why you have not done it yet. Lack of progress, stress, and depression can hold you back tremendously. Instead of allowing defeat, keep going. We know you’re tired of fighting but giving up is not a part of the plan. Relax and regain energy. Take it day by day.

Things Are Things To Consider Before You Give Up

Think Of How Far You’ve Come

Worry About Yourself

If you are you one of those people who always feel like they’re racing against time, break the clock because that’s going to cause more stress. The next line after this is so annoying to hear but take your time. I’m not sure what pace you’re usually moving but if it is anything besides your own pace the speed that you are going is incorrect. Set your deadlines and make your to-do list but if you do not make the deadline or finish your list, it is not the end of the world. We have big erasers for big mistakes and gallons of white out for unplanned moments. Be patient with yourself.

Master Patience

Mastering patience aligns with worrying about yourself. Being invested in what our peers are doing and neglecting your accomplishments is harmful towards your initial goal. Don’t halt your progress worrying about what other people are doing. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Remind yourself of your growth because his or her development does not affect you. If you struggle with anxiety, so many scenarios and feelings form a dark cloud around your brain, and you forget to take care of yourself. Relax and take care of yourself.

Practice Gratitude

A small but useful habit that would be useful to pick up is stating things that you are thankful for every day. Practicing gratitude when something is not going as planned, when you’re having a bad day, or when things are going well can change your mood.

Ask For Help

Doing everything by yourself is exhausting. Ask for help from your friends when you’re having a bad day. Ask for help when you need support.

Jay Z said, “The genius thing [we] did was [we] didn’t give up.” Keep Going

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