Why 90’s Videos Were Better

We all proudly brag about how we’re 90’s babies, and we’re better. There’s no lie there, we are better.

We had better everything, music, cartoons, and movies. Though we did grow up around the greatness,

I don’t think we were able to appreciate the 90’s culture as much as we should have,

especially the music videos. Today, the music videos are boring and uncensored.

The uncensored part probably wouldn’t be that bad if the videos were fun to watch.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, let’s hop in a time machine and discuss why 90’s videos were better.



It is probably hard to believe that there was choreography in videos.

Your mind is probably cloudy from all the ass in plastic in videos now.

No shade because back then there were bikini’s and booties, BUT they were authentic.

Anyway, Michael Jackson always had some dancing in his videos, as well as Aaliyah, and Puff.

Missy Elliot was up there with Michael Jackson being Top 5 in choreography.

Her video to Get Ur Freak On had me in the house dancing like KeKe Palmer.


It seemed like during every music video the artist popped up with different artists

from around that time. Puff always had other people popping up in his videos

(or he was popping up in other people’s video), and so did Lil Kim. It was cool seeing the

togetherness of the artist and watching them have fun in the videos. In the Not Tonight Video,

There were a bunch of other celebrities like Xscape, Queen Latifah, Blaque, and Total. It was fun.


Videos at this time were just pleasing to the eye. Not all were super colorful, but people like

Busta Rhymes, Puff, and TLC were always making their videos colorful. Our favorite

colorful video would have to be Lil Kim’s Crush On You. The video was fun, full of dancing,

and she several looks during one verse!

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