Why Ex-Calling by 6LACK is more of an affirmation song than a breakup song

A wise man once said, “One thing ’bout music when it hits you feel no pain,” and though the megastar, Drake was correct, he was also wrong. Different songs bring different memories and feelings. Some songs make you cry and think about the people that you love. Other songs make you laugh and think about your friends. Some songs connect you with triumph and overcoming hardships. Either way, songs do not physically hit you, but emotionally, they strike you.

It’s crazy because most people listen to sad songs when they’re unhappy. Those songs usually make you more miserable. Artists have a way of saying things that you cannot put into a complete sentence. Heartbreak is one of those feelings that you personally cannot explain while you’re experiencing it. Thank God for artists who can simply but effectively tell how you feel at that moment.

One artist who does a great job in explaining the many emotions one goes through during heartbreak is 6LACK. FREE 6LACK is an album that centers around the thoroughly explained emotions of the artist, but mostly working through moving on from a relationship that doesn’t seem to be progressing the way we all want our relationships to progress. Though the entire album brings the relatable feeling of pain and sadness, Ex-Calling is one song that does just the opposite. Ex-Calling is an anthem about moving on. Saying you’re going to move on is easier than the action, but 6LACK graces us with the proper attitude.

Ex-Calling is inspiring and sassy. It’s an affirmation of strength and letting go. Whenever you’re emotions are stuck in an emotionally sticky situation, think about these lyrics and say them as affirmations because that’s what they are.

You text me like I called ya

Well I don’t mean to stall ya

But I cannot afford ya

So I gotta ignore ya

By not affording someone, it’s not always in monetary value. Not being able to afford someone means not being able to give that person your energy anymore. After a while, you get tired of giving your power to a relationship that is not working out. Save your energy by ignoring something that drains you.

There’s something wrong with my hand

Can’t pick up the phone goddamn hope you understand

I can’t have you fuck up the plans

To move forward, sometimes you have to move forward without the person you thought you’d progress with.

And if you gotta choose, then you better choose the other man

See I wait out that good side and that bad side so I’m done

I broke it down it was crunch time got focused, and we won

Never allow someone to save you for later. You should always be the first choice.

Being able to move on from someone you care about is hard for many reasons. Time: after X amount of months of years with someone, it is almost impossible to imagine a day without talking to them because they become apart of your daily routine. Memories also do not help when you need to move forward from the relationship. After a significant amount of spending time together, it’s harder to want to let go.

In Luving U. 6LACK says, “I don’t wanna lose, myself loving you,” and that’s something everyone going through a heartbreak should say to themselves. When it comes to breaking free from an emotionally bad situation, the first person you should be thinking about is yourself. Of course, leaving someone you love is hard, rebuilding after them is hard, and going through the motions is hard, but the reward of breaking free from those emotions and person is rewarding.

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