Why female entrepreneurs should watch Girl Boss

Being a woman is SOOO hectic.

I mean seriously, we have periods, we do not get paid equally, we birth human beings AND we do all of this with a beat face and heels. We’re literally nothing short of amazing. They said we couldn’t vote, we vote now. Oh, they also said we could not run for president, Hey Hilary! And they also said we cannot handle our family and work simultaneously. Hey Cookie and Michelle Obama. Anything men can do, women do a MILLION times better, and we slay at the same time. This show tells the story of Sophia Amoruso and her journey of starting Nasty Gal. Girl Boss shines light on the tackles of being a female entrepreneur. Going through multiple jobs and trying to find their calling, encountering the nonbelievers, and shopping. Here are a few takeaways from Girl Boss.


There will be hard times 

Sophia goes through about 3 jobs before she decides to go and take leap into working for herself. While working for herself, she gets introduced to the negative aspects like competition, bills being due, and her car  broke down. We all may not go through that, but if you have a car it would suck if it broke down in front of a trolley. It’s a downer. The lesson is: There will be hard times, but doing something that you love is worth it.

Talent + Knowledge 

Whatever you’re going into business for, read up on that market.

​Make sure you know what you’re doing. Talent + Knowledge = Poppin’

Fix the problem

What are you doing differently? Fix a problem. Sophia started selling clothes through eBay. She noticed people did not bid because of the presentation. She improved her presentation and BOOM: MONEY!

Always Slay

Slay the positive energy. Slay your health. Slay your dreams. And Slay your career.

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